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There various types of complications like back pain, hip pain, soreness on the body and bad posture can be caused due to tight hip flexors. This is a program that provides a step-by-step guide to strengthen the hip flexors. The writer of the book Rick Kaselj is a sports injury specialist, he is also highly regarded Kinesiologist with over 352 live presentations in US and Canada. His understanding of different body types, injuries and how to prevent them has resulted in forming this program.


Hip Flexor: What is that?

Hip Flexors are also known as psoas, is a muscle group near the hip that enables us to move our legs, walk, draw the legs towards our bodies and other leg-related movements. It also helps in forming and maintaining our postures hence hip flexors are very important to muscle group of human bodies.

But the tightening of the hip flexors can make it prone to tearing leading to serious injuries apart from pain.

These days most people have very little physical movement and most of the time sitting for their work causes the Hip Flexors to tighten causing back pain, hip pain, soreness and also trouble losing belly fat. Hence it is important that Hip Flexors are unlocked and kept mobile.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors – PDF Download and Complete Review

As the name suggests the program teaches in unlocking the hip flexors in a simple method with ‘sequential flow’.  The information is provided in a step-by-step manner making it easy for a novice to understand and follow. The program allows people with tight hip flexors to unlock it and get mobility back with easy comfortable and safe methods that can be done at the privacy of their homes.

The program includes

  • 10 special exercises, demonstrated by experts in a DVD.
  • An eBook that gives a detailed understanding of Hip Flexors, how to maintain its well being. It also includes exercises with pictures.
  • Unlock your Hamstring: Bonus 1 – Like the poses, if the hamstring is tightened it is prone to tearing too, so that needs to be kept flexible and this Bonus routine provides exercises on how to keep the hamstring mobile.
  • 7 Day Anti-Inflammation Diet: Bonus 2 – A planned 7-day meal with nutritional values along with supplement tips that would naturally help the body.

Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The books come from a very credible person dealing with the body and how to prevent injuries. The credibility and the usefulness of the product can be gauged from the feedbacks and reviews it has received on social media sites like Facebook. Also, it is a very user-friendly guide, that explains each step in a simple manner and good results can be achieved in a short span of time since it is not about muscle building rather gaining mobility and flexibility. Furthermore, it is affordable and the buyer gets a 60 days money back guarantee on either the PDF version or eBook.

Drawbacks of Unlock Hip Flexors

The information provided in the book on Hip flexor’s biomechanics and anatomy is given in loads, making the text a bit complicated at times.  Also, some of the points made to sell the product on how dangerous tight hip flexors can be and can cause bodily damages.


The product is highly recommended as an Unlocked Hip Flexors can lessen quite a lot of body pains and ailments. Also unless a person tries it would not realize the difference between flexible and tight poses.

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