The 4 Week Diet Plan – Complete Review

4 week diet scam
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Brian Flatt, the big name in the weight loss industry has been idle for a while. It seems to me like he is back into the business with yet another stellar product, just like the 2-week diet. Yes, we are talking about the 4 week diet program which got released recently in the United States of America.

Brian Flatt is known to many as the maestro in weight loss industry for his working methods and less intensive diet plans. If you haven’t known him, then it is advised to go through his older products like The 3-week diet plan and 2- week diet plan.  So, let’s find out whether The 4-week diet plan program works or not?

Are you a person who doesn’t want to starve for the sake of losing fat? Then this program will excite you. Another attractive offer which this program offers is ” No Gym and No back breaking exercises”. Yes, you heard it right. The 4-week diet plan is the exact diet plan which you have been searching for. There are tons of weight loss programs available on the internet, the fact is that 99% of them doesn’t work.

Like everyone, I too was frustrated with my body and its growing fat. To quell my fear and frustration, I have relied on several free diet plans available on the internet. Trust me, at first, they work and it may even reduce a couple of pounds within a week or two. The worst thing is that you will start gaining weight once you quit the program which is the most frustrating part. That’s when a friend of mine suggested me to try out Brian Flatt’s products. Rest was history, as I become the biggest fan of Brian and a frequent user of his product.

Trust me, when you get started with a Brian Flatt diet plan, you will never have to look back. It’s a guarantee.

A Comprehensive Review of The 4 Week Diet Plan

Are you looking forward to losing some extra weight? Then you are in search of Brian Flatt’s 4-week diet plan. The program is mainly aimed at the working class who wishes to lose weight in a convenient way. This diet plan is available currently only in digital format.


The 4-week diet plan suggests only scientifically proven techniques to shed weight. It ensures your safety mostly, which you cannot find in other programs. The ebook promises to shed your body weight by half if you stick the plan consistently. It is a foolproof system that activates all the 4 fat-burning hormones, such as ghrelin, insulin, cortisol, and adiponectin in your system to burn away all stubborn fat in every part of your body. Its metabolism-boosting function also stimulates your fat cells so that more of your hard-to-lose fat can be burned.

The book has got thousands of subscribers, the reviews by them put on the official website itself is enough for convincing anyone who is doubtful about the product.

In case, if you are still doubtful regarding the quality of the product. You should contact the author for getting in touch the real users. I guess he would be happy to give you the contact. Although exercising is not necessary when you use this product, you could take on some physical routines to speed up the weight loss process.

Features of The 4 Week Diet Plan

There are few things which make this book an exciting read. The book includes the following packages.

Launch Handbook

Launch Handbook gives you a detailed overview of the program and the book. The launch book starts by explaining the different parts of your body and its functions. It then dives deep into the subject and helps you in identifying the root cause. Most of the weight loss program lose at this point. It goes further to tell you how your fat storage can be stimulated and how to trigger fat burning hormones so that they can function in unison.

Diet Handbook

The book helps you in dealing with few scientific names and calculation which is of utmost importance in your journey forward. It helps you to calculate body weight mass and body fat percentage without using any electronic devices. This book shows you what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat in an easy way. This handbook also contains a list of foods one must avoid if one is serious about shedding weight.

Activity Handbook

Even though the product emphasizes much on diet it is quite impossible to avoid exercises. If you are extremely overweight, you might have to do some regular exercises for speeding up the fat burning process. This is when the activity book comes into play. The book contains many easy to do exercises and some yoga postures. The good thing about activity handbook is that it is fully illustrated.

The exercises mentioned in the book are simple and easy to do. Most of the exercises can be done without any help. The book asks you to spare only 15 minutes per day for doing the exercises.  So, it is actually a boon not a burden for you.

Motivation Handbook

This book is exclusively for the ones who need some inspiration to start dieting. You won’t find any motivation handbooks in other similar products. We all know how easy it is to give up on a weight loss program, especially when we’ve done a lot in the past and simply expect results overnight.

Hypnosis Audio

Sounds weird right? The 4-week diet hypnosis audio works on your mind and kills your cravings for food. Subscribers have responded positively to the audio. So you may be wanting to know how to use it?

All you need to do is listen to the audio. This audio molds your mind to take the right decision.

4 week diet pdf free download

Does the 4 Week Diet Plan Works?

Till now we have talked about what the author is promising you. Well, the most haunting question at this point will be Does the 4-week diet plan works or not? Yes, the products well, if you stick to the process.

The 4-Week diet by Brian is one stop solution for all your worries. The good thing about this program is that it lose actual body fat and not just body mass.

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