The Deep Belly Detox Program

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Irrespective of the age and sex almost everyone wants that fat free, flat belly and the struggle to achieve that is quite a challenge and most of us can relate to it. There have been numerous diets, exercises, and programs that have vouched to give flat belly, lose weight and attain a sculpted body. While proper workouts and healthy meals can help in shedding the extra body fat but getting rid of the belly fat becomes quite difficult. Primarily belly is an area of the body where fat accumulates easily and the bad bacteria in the stomach can too cause health issues, like accumulating fat suffer from lack of energy and other problems.

Deep Belly Detox uses natural and safe ways to get rid of the root cause like bacteria that cause weight gain. The Deep Belly Detox is a 3 part system book written by Meredith Shirk. She is a fitness expert with research on the causes that hinder weight loss among men and women. Shirk also specializes in stomach bacteria and the study was developed for herself. Later she used the program of losing weight through Detox for thousands of people.

What is Deep Belly Detox?

The book gives a natural and healthy way to Detox the body that would enhance the weight loss process while cleansing and flushing the system by incorporating apple Detox drink. The program consists of a Detox drink that needs to be consumed before the bedtime and is provided in three parts. A user of this program can do a 12-hour jumpstart or follow the guide for a workout. The guide is planned in a way that the user can lose body fat up to 22 pounds in 2 weeks. The program will not only let the user achieve a flat and firmer stomach but also get rid of the harmful gut bacteria.

The 3 phases of the program are as follows:

  • 12 Hour Deep Belly Detox: It teaches the users the effectiveness of how to starve gut bacteria and develop a flat tummy. This phase also gives workout regimes like ‘Tight Tummy’ and recipes that can enhance the process. It is said that within 48 hours of doing this a user can notice the changes
  •  4 Minute Deep Belly Detox: This section teaches on programming the body to burn body fat and change fat into energy. The routine provided in this gives tips on exercises and diets to attain further flat stomach.
  • Deep Belly Detox: with this plan on weight loss a user can lose 8 pounds of fat in a week. It helps in making and keeping the belly firm and flat. Also teaches the usefulness of ACV and water.

Benefits of Deep Belly Detox

Apart from giving a flat and firmer stomach the program cleanses the harmful gut bacteria, boosts metabolism to burn excess body fat and maintain a healthy and younger look. The book is written in a very lucid and step-by-step method, which is easy to follow.

Drawbacks of Deep Belly Detox

The program is only available as an ebook, and the process needs to be followed very diligently. In case anything is missed out during download or print, the result will not be optimum.  The program works best only for people who do not wish to lose a massive weight. Furthermore, best results can only be attained if it is followed for 2 months on a daily basis.


A useful weight loss program that targets the gut region and it offers 60 days money back guarantee.

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